Top Reasons Why Oral Care should be on Your Priority List

When you hear someone saying about how important it is to have a regular check-up with your dentist, you should take them seriously.

There’s more to oral check-up than just to maintain the overall quality of your teeth especially when you smile.

Oral care can also be an indication of how seriously you take your hygiene and can be the cause if ever you’re experiencing some health problems as a result of unhealthy oral condition.

Today, we’ll look into top reasons why your oral care should be a part of your priority list. At the end of this post, you are expected to evaluate whether or not you’re taking good enough of your teeth.

Oral care helps your teeth and gums stay healthy

This is perhaps the most obvious reason behind needing regular dental check-ups but one which is mostly ignored. You cannot just underestimate the importance of oral care because a lot of diseases we have at present is linked to an unhealthy care for teeth and gums.

Some of these prominent diseases include:

  • Diabetes
  • Oral cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Kidney diseases

So you see, it’s no small thing to ignore oral care. Patients of the diseases I mentioned might not have seen the connection just yet because doctors who specialize in kidney or heart treatment for instance may not necessarily point out the relationship between an unhealthy teeth and gums to the disease.

But oral care does contribute to your general health. Disregarding it will have health repercussions in no time.

Healthy teeth and gums mirrors your overall health

You must have seen people who are physically (and emotionally since it usually follows) fit.

You must have seen their vibrance and youth. In fact some, if not all, appear younger than their age.

Perhaps you’ve attributed it to their lifestyle, the food they eat, their daily practices and of course it is true. But their overall health is highly relevant on their oral health status as well.

A healthy oral health is equal to a healthy body.

Oral care is part of the ‘basic’ hygiene

Just because your teeth are not so visible and exposed than the other parts of your body doesn’t meant that they require less attention on hygiene.

In fact it’s the opposite.

Your teeth and gums are parts of your body that require attention and care because you use them every day. They are what comes in contact with the chemicals from the food that you eat and drink thus, making them vulnerable to damage.

The amount of care and how much attention you pay for your face, skin and the rest of your body should be the same as than the amount of time you spend on your teeth and gums, if not more.

Remember that they are part of the ‘basic’ hygiene. They require ‘daily’ care.

So how are you taking good care of your teeth and gums? When was your last check-up with your dentist?

Got anything you want to add on the importance of oral care? Feel free to write them down on our comments!

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