Patients’ Checklist: Qualities of a Trusted Dentist

Have you ever dreaded the idea of going to a dentist to have your teeth checked?

If you’re among those who feel this surge of slight fear at the mere thought of having your tooth extracted or someone who feels uncomfortable at having an expert check your mouth, then you are not alone.

A lot of people feel what you feel, not only kids but also adults. The fear you have most likely came from a particular bad or inconvenient experience you had in the past which is nailed on your memory up until the present.

If you feel uncomfortable then it’s only natural that you look for a dentist that will make you comfortable – that will give you the least pain possible.

And how best can you do this than by recognizing common qualities trusted dentists have?

Let’s take a look at them below.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

A trusted dentist has good interpersonal and communication skills. He’s capable of interacting with his patients, making them feel at ease and developing an atmosphere of understanding and comfort.

Also, he’s capable of translating complex dental jargons to layman’s term which patients can easily understand. You know you can trust a dentist who makes you feel at ease and who educates you with the necessary things you need to do to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

A trusted dentist values patient involvement in the entire process.

Manual Precision and Knowledge

A trusted dentist trusts himself and is capable of performing his job by the book. Dentistry requires precision and a keen attention to technicalities and details. One wrong move can be fatal to a patient.

He can perform his job with ease and can endure long hours of work without reducing the quality of his performance. A trusted dentist is highly knowledgeable in his field and can easily identify the cause of the problem and can give patients recommendations for their overall oral health.

Heart to serve

Knowledge and expertise matter most but the heart to serve and help patients matter as much. A dentist who’s only concerned about the money he gets from the job will most likely not develop loyal and return patients along the way.

One may have the expertise and knowledge but the heart to serve and help is what sets a dentist apart from the tough competition. A lot of cases why fear starts to build up on a person when visiting his dentist are caused by the inability of the latter to create a feeling of harmony and understanding towards his patients.

Trusted dentists have the heart to serve and help. And someone who has the heart communicates and relates well with the patients.

Keeps himself at the Forefront of Learning

Dentistry doesn’t end when one gets out of college, works at a clinic or starts his or her own dental clinic and gets paid by patients.

Like any other field of studies, dentistry requires continuous learning and attention to recent developments on its field. A trusted dentist knows this and is prompt in keeping himself updated with what’s new.

This way, he can easily adjust and allow himself to be of help to his patients even more. Being at the forefront of learning means that he keeps track of recent discoveries, technological innovation and changes that are happening in his field.

Do you have a regular dentist? What are the qualities you like best about him or her? Let us hear your great experience and share them on the comments!

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