How Often Should You Clean Your Teeth and Why

Before we answer this, let me first ask you a question: How often do you clean (brushing and flossing) your teeth?

American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth at least twice a day. But don’t you think your teeth deserves more than that? The more logical sense would be brushing your teeth every after meal, snacks included. After all, the point of brushing is to remove food deposits from your teeth, right?

True. Brushing (and flossing) helps you remove stuck food in-between teeth and can prevent plaques from accumulating.

However, how often you clean your teeth is really a matter of your present oral health condition. Brushing your teeth twice a day is good given that you have healthy teeth and gums.

However, if you have certain gum disease (i.e. inflamed gums), then your dentist may require you to brush, floss and have your regular check-up more often. Dentists know best as to the condition of your teeth and gums and it’s best to heed to their advice.

Otherwise, you might risk harming your oral cavities even more which can lead to some health complications.

Ideally, regular oral check-up shall be conducted twice a year. However, if you have existing oral issues, then once every three months to even once a month might be required.

The best thing you can do is to be aware of your oral hygiene. Consult your dentist and don’t hesitate to ask for tips. Most likely, they will even give you a suggested oral hygiene plan to help you maintain a healthy oral condition.

Just keep in mind that the ‘acting’ is your responsibility and not your dentist’s. They are there for consultation and recommendation but not for the daily maintenance of your oral health.

Some steps you can do to help in your dental hygiene include:

  • Daily flossing to complement brushing and to remove plaques in areas unreachable by your regular toothbrush
  • Maintaining a healthy diet. Eat only when you’re hungry. Some foods contains too much acid (and are not healthy) which can cause bacteria to reside in your oral cavities.
  • Replacing your toothbrush once every three or four months or even earlier if you notice frayed bristles.
  • Regular dental checkups.

Need for oral cleaning

The need for oral cleaning goes beyond its basic purpose of maintaining a healthy oral cavity and ensuring that your teeth are at their best.

Oral cleaning is highly necessary since it reduces the risk of developing other health complications like diabetes and heart problems and prevents these health issues from furthering.

Just like how automobiles work, in which the absence of a well-functioning part (even a single part) could mean a disaster to the entire function of the machine, an unhealthy oral condition can compromise the optimum capacity of your body to function as a whole.

Always keep this in mind: A healthy body and mind without a healthy oral condition is not healthy at all.

How well are you taking good care of your teeth and gums? Do you have any habits that can potentially destroy your teeth? Feel free to share them with us!

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