Food Favorites that are doing more Harm than Good to Your Teeth

What if I tell you that your favorite food is your teeth’s worst enemy?

Probably, you’ll go on saying how you’ve been doing just fine and that you’re not doing anything to damage your teeth.

You can be right.

But more often than not, our favorite snacks and drinks are the same foods that are slowly and surely damaging our teeth and gums.

Watch out for the following food favorites and be careful not to fall on their trap!

  1. Soda

Aside from being considered as the number one source of fatty liver, soda is also one of your teeth’s most formidable enemies!

Sodas, with or without sugar contain high amount of acid which is generally not good for your teeth as it wears down its enamel and makes them susceptible to decay in the long run.

Sodas do taste good. But if you take them in at a constant rate, you’ll seen feel the damage it causes your teeth.

  1. Energy Drinks/Sports Drinks

If before athletes are the only ones who often drink energy and sports drink, at present these beverages have become so commercial that anyone has already been drinking as well.

These beverages may serve its purpose on athletes who do a lot of physical activities but remember that the number one ingredient of most energy and sports drink is sugar.

Sugar is your teeth’s enemy since it’s consumed by your mouth’s acid-absorbing bacteria that weaken your teeth’s defenses. Even athletes who need sugar in their bodies should be mindful about this.

If it’s to avoid dehydration, water is always the best alternative (and choice for that matter).

  1. Chips

Whether you’re watching movies, doing your homework, enjoying a great conversation with your friends, chips (i.e. potato chips) are always among your top picks to munch.

There’s a sort of nice feeling brought out by the soft crunching sound of the chips as you munch them. However, do take note that chips are rich in starch. They are the foods which easily get stuck at the inner areas of your teeth which can’t be reached by your brush.

Unless you floss, residue chips increase your risk of having tooth decay in the long run.

  1. Sticky candies

Caramel, chocolate, mint, who doesn’t love these group of foods?

Much the same as the chips, candies are well loved since you can just simply put them in your pocket and eat them anytime you want. They can be good stress and hunger reliever as well!

Sadly, candies, especially the sticky ones like caramel is harmful to your teeth as they are also the ones who remain on your teeth longer.

Are any of these foods on the list part of your own list of food favorites? Remember that your oral health mirrors your overall physical condition. You may not be able to totally cut off the intake on this food but try to have it in moderation.

Always keep in mind, too much of anything is bad.

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